These days, we find ourselves deeply immersed in our favorite Korean dramas. But aside from the compelling stories, the exciting adventures, and swoon-worthy romances, it’s the radiant looks of the leading ladies that have some of us fully entranced. 

Check out the iconic looks and recreate the fashion moments in real life with timeless designs from F&C Jewelry. 

1. If you’re having a tough day, put on these sparkling silver pearl earrings and make like sassy Park Min Young who worked as Park Seo Joon’s secretary in What’s Wrong with Secretary Kim. Feel empowered and radiant with this stunning pair, embellished with brilliant diamonds and a South Sea pearl. 


Freshwater pearl dangling earrings in 14k yellow gold

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Freshwater pearl drop earrings in 14k yellow gold

For something that’s a little more minimalist – yet equally elegant – in design, why not this 14k yellow gold pair with pearl? Shop Now…

2. Play hard to get with these dazzling floral earrings in white gold like Seo Ye-ji who captured the heart of the emphatic Kim Soo-hyun in It’s Okay to Not Be Okay. F&C Jewelry’s elevated inspiration blooms.


Detachable flower dangling earrings in 18k yellow gold


Latch dangling gold earrings in  14k yellow gold


Latch back dangling earrings in 14 yellow gold

If you’re looking for a shimmery piece that is more subtle in style, these delicate pairs are perfect for you. Made from 14 karats and 18 karats Spanish white gold Shop Now…

3. IU is the picture of perfection with her crystal chandelier earrings in Hotel del Luna. Exude the same delicate, feminine power with F&C Jewelry’s butterfly-inspired dangling earrings in yellow gold. It adds the right touch of sophistication to your ensemble. 


Butterfly dangling diamond earrings in 18k rose gold

Diamond drop earrings in 14K white gold

Elevate your look with this stunning beauty made from 14 karat Italian gold and diamonds. Shop Now…

4. Song Hye Kyo is a natural beauty whose elegant features is further highlighted thanks to the delicate pair of twisted round earrings. While hers is in yellow gold, you can switch it up with a similar gold pieces from F&C Jewelry.


Assorted stud and loop earrings in 18k yellow gold

Assorted stud and loop earrings in 18k yellow gold

Here’s one version for your tiny tot, available in 18 Karat gold. Shop Now…

5. Seo Ye-ji adds dramatic flair to her simple white dress with a statement diamond ring. You can do the same for your ensembles with this gorgeous white gold ring that features a statement diamond gem. 

Diamond ring with diamonds in cluster settings in 14k white gold

Illusion diamond ring with side stone in 14k white gold

6. With much poise and perfection, IU steals the hearts of many. Take inspiration from her look and level up her vintage pearl ring with your own luminescent white gold, South Sea pearl piece that boasts brilliant white diamond stones.

Collection of diamond pinky rings in 18k rose gold

Inspired by the previous design, here’s another sophisticated take with elegant curves and diamonds.  Shop Now…

7. Radiate womanly allure and innocence like Yoon Ah-Jung from Temptation as you don this dazzling bracelet with ribbon accent in white gold and embellished with petite diamonds.


Diamond Bangles in 18k white gold & rose gold

A perfect complement to the bracelet is this modern gold piece.  Shop Now…

8. Transform into a silverscreen goddess when you put on this rose gold bejeweled bracelet. Channel your inner Han Ye-Seul who captured the heart of Joo Sang-Wook in Birth of a Beauty.


Gold charm bracelets in 14k 

Steal the show and shine your brightest with these stunning charms.  Shop Now…